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Carmen Rice’s story couldn’t wait for a moonshot

“I have found the National Foundation for Cancer Research team to be dedicated and caring, I have been treated as part of their family.  I feel privileged to have met them.  I know that one day my fine and dedicated family will find a cure for glioblastoma and many other cancers and save the lives of people like me.  I am delighted to know that they work on a global scale to find a cure for glioblastoma.  They give me hope and inspiration to move forward!”    

Long before there were moonshots, NFCR was there funding the earliest stage – seed funding- that paved the way for the victories that we witness today

The miracle of Carmen’s survival is what NFCR supported scientists are working to secure for every patient. Carmen Rice and her husband Darrell discuss the diagnosis that changed their life forever: Glioblastoma (GBM). Now a new generation of moonshot focus on GBM and other cancers are starting to take place. President Obama, and Vice President Biden are bringing new focus to the issues but it is still Basic Laboratory science- the freedom to explore a hunch, sometimes without a product in mind, that is the venture science that is needed to create miracles. This is the power of NFCR’s more than four decades supporting #Research4aCure

National Cancer Survivor Day – June 2016 – we salute Carmen Rice….once again!
Her courage and her willingness to speak up for NFCR and cancer research makes us proud.