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Innovative Cancer Technology

How Artificial Intelligence is Aiding Advances in Prostate Cancer Detection

New studies showcase how researchers around the world are leveraging machine learning to aid pathologists in detecting prostate cancer. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the use of “smart” machines to complete tasks that usually require human intelligence. Although it has applications in many fields, its use in health care has…...

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Cancer and Genomics: A Primer

In 2017, genetic researchers in the United Kingdom introduced a powerful new mechanical tool in the growing field of genomics which may guide the way to new cancer treatments. The high-tech genome sequencer, the Illumina NovaSeqTM 6000, was unveiled at The Institute of Cancer Research (the ICR) in London. “It…...

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Cloud Atlas

It’s called “the cloud,” but it is not the fluffy white thingees drifting overhead. It promises to revolutionize cancer care. By, of all things, sharing data. “In cancer, only about 4% of patients go on a clinical trial, but that data is not ever really leveraged. The FDA (U.S. Food…...

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