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Cancer Prevention for Asian American Women

NFCR President Sujuan Ba, Ph.D., delivered an address to the National Association of Professional Asian American Women (NAPAW) about the importance of cancer research and cancer prevention education.

cancer prevention and the logo of National Association of Professional Asian-American Women As an Asian American herself, Dr. Ba is acutely aware of the cancer risks in the Asian American women’s community.  She knows “there are many types of cancer that disproportionately affect women of Asian descent. Education and research are important tools that can provide a number of immediate solutions And, if if widely implemented, would go a long way towards reversing this trend.”  For more than 43 years, The National Foundation for Cancer Research has worked diligently in its mission to raise awareness, educate the public and financially support the work of cancer research scientists. NFCR helps insure translational medicine success. This bench to bedside approach is unique in American Cancer Charities. NFCR is among only a tiny handful of cancer research charities that funds chemists and lab scientists to put an end to all cancers.

The cause of and prevalence of cancer in Asian American women is believed to be both environmental and behavioral. Western diets, in particular, have been widely documented as a major contributing factor in increased cancer diagnoses. In the slideshow, you’ll find more information about cancer prevention tips, new cancer research and actions you can take to help prevent breast cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer. There are also tips on how you can help prevent lung, prostrate and liver cancer. Men and women can benefit from the cancer prevention tips provided by NFCR and Dr. Sujuan Ba.

The statistics are staggering. Cancer is the number one killer of Asian American Women since 1980. Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths. The incidence and death rates of liver cancer among all Asian Americans is twice as high as those among Caucasians. Liver cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Asian American men and the fifth leading cause of death among Asian American women.

Dr. Ba presented these slides as she gave a talk to the National Association of Professional Asian American Women’s meeting at the US Department of Health and Human Services, in Washington D.C. in June of 2016. For more information on ways you can support cancer research and to see the full range of educational and cancer research programs, visit

Click on the slide below to enlarge the presentation on cancer risks and prevention.

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National Foundation for Cancer Research and KEW, Inc. announce a collaboration

National Foundation for Cancer Research and KEW, Inc. announce a collaboration to increase awareness of the value of genetic testing.

photo Tuan Ha-Ngoc, KEW & Franklin Salisbury NFCRBig Data comes to Cancer Care Choices.  #Research4aCure

BETHESDA, Maryland (June 8, 2016)  – The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and Kew, Inc, a private oncology services company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts , announced today they will jointly work to increase the awareness of the clinical benefits of genetic testing to cancer patients and oncologists.  Precision medicine moves information faster to where the patient decisions are made, thereby potentially improving options, quality of care and potential outcomes as well.

The genetic testing technology, including Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) on comprehensive and specific gene panels, is able to identify patient-specific drug targets and cancer-driving molecular pathways. Guided by the genetic testing results, oncologists can prescribe personalized and targeted cancer therapies to their patients.

With numerous new drugs that target specific cancer mutations in clinical trials, the ability to share information widely becomes an increasingly burdensome task. NFCR and KEW are teaming up to launch programs that aim to increase the awareness of the value of genetic testing, educate patients, family members and oncologists about the clinical benefits of testing and guide them through the seemingly complex clinical process in a much easier manner.

Raju Kucherlapati, MD, Paul C. Cabot Professor of Genetics and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and co-founder of KEW, spoke of the goal of “helping doctors everywhere, treat cancer patients anywhere.” “We are dedicated to empowering oncologists to make the right therapy decision for patients by providing actionable, patient-specific information derived from our genetic testing”, said Dr. Kucherlapati.

“KEW’s genetic testing technology and capability in bioinformatics will help to integrate data accumulated from various research and clinical sources into treatment options and cancer care choices, which is highly beneficial to cancer patients and in keeping with NFCR’s long valued efforts in sharing information among scientists, physicians and patients,” said NFCR Chief Science Officer, Michael Wang, MD, PhD.

Public outreach and education is one of the core missions of NFCR’s programs. For more than 43 years, NFCR has been supporting cancer research laboratories and then sharing results with oncologists, patients, and general public worldwide. Many of the NFCR-funded scientists have contributed to developing the foundation of today’s personalized targeted therapies and precision medicine.

NFCR welcomes KEW’s support of the education and communication facet of its mission. Together both organizations can help raise awareness of new options in cancer treatment.

NFCR is a convener and one of the early funders of applying genetic testing technology, including Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) to clinical applications to guide personalized treatment for patients. With today’s internet speed of access, NFCR is taking fast actions to promote collaboration and information-sharing. NFCR is dedicated to supporting “high risk/high reward” cancer research and public education relating to prevention, early diagnosis, better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for all types of cancer.

For more information:; 301-654-1250

KEW, Inc. provides comprehensive genomic testing services that enable oncologists to make evidence-driven personalized treatment decisions for cancer patients. Based out of Cambridge, MA, KEW was founded by pioneers of the precision medicine industry, including key contributors to the Human Genome and The Cancer Genome Atlas projects. The CANCERPLEX® suite of products offers flexible panel sizes, the largest of which sequences 400+ cancer genes in solid tumors that are the most relevant to oncology patient care. Specialized panels offer the option to test based on the site of a patient’s tumor or to limit results to FDA-approved therapies. CANCERPLEX not only makes personalized medicine more accessible, it delivers the promise of precision medicine for all.

For more information:; 617-229-5954

KEW, Inc.
Mark D. Myslinski
Keith Spiro

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Boston Cannons to Help The National Foundation for Cancer Research

Boston Cannons to Help The National Foundation for Cancer Research with a Special Play4TheCure® Game Night on June 23, 2016help NFCR via Boston Cannons“Cannons Fighting Cancer” will mobilize the lacrosse community to recognize inspirational individuals and raise funds for organizations instrumental in the fight against cancer

 Bethesda, MD –  June 10, 2016 The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is proud to welcome The Boston Cannons as the first Major League Lacrosse team to step up and  Play 4 the Cure®.

The Boston Cannons will host their inaugural “Cannons Fighting Cancer” initiative at the team’s home game on June 23 at Harvard Stadium against the Chesapeake Bayhawks. Cannons Fighting Cancer will unite the lacrosse, medical and research communities to raise funds and awareness for philanthropic and research organizations that are focused on finding a cure for cancer and providing services, support and care for individuals and families who are impacted by the disease. The Cannons have partnered with The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and its Play4theCure® platform as the primary beneficiary for this special game night.

Cannons Fighting Cancer will bring together and honor members of the Greater Boston medical, science, philanthropic, survivor and lacrosse communities for their continuous efforts in the fight against cancer. Cannons fans can nominate inspirational individuals making an impact against cancer to be recognized at the game by sharing their story on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CannonsFightingCancer. Nominations can also be emailed to

“It brings great pride that our organization is able to gather the lacrosse community together with members of the medical and research communities to support those who are helping to combat this disease,” said President of the Boston Cannons, Ian Frenette. “We want to honor those who are making a difference in the fight cancer and raise funds for organizations that are working diligently to find a cure.”

The Boston Cannons and The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) are also encouraging the Greater Boston and New England lacrosse community to get involved with Cannons Fighting Cancer through NFCR’s Play4theCure® initiative, which delivers much needed funding toward Cancer Fighting Labs in Boston. Participating teams will have the opportunity to win Cannons prizes for their fundraising efforts. Lacrosse teams can register to Play4theCure® by visiting

Non-lacrosse players can also get involved in Cannons Fighting Cancer by supporting a Play4theCure® team or donating directly to Play4theCure® with the Boston Cannons through the Cannons website and at

“We are so grateful for this opportunity to partner with the Boston Cannons to shine a bright light on the cutting edge cancer research being done in laboratories in greater Boston,” said Dave Bjork, Cancer Research Evangelist for NFCR. “As the first professional sports franchise to #Play4TheCure, the Cannons are taking a leadership position in raising much needed funding and awareness of the Boston medical and research community.”

For more information about Cannons Fighting Cancer and how to get involved, please visit

About the Boston Cannons

The Boston Cannons are one of the founding franchises of Major League Lacrosse, the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league. They began play in June 2001 and won their first MLL Championship on August 28, 2011. For their 16th season, the Cannons will host seven home games back at Harvard Stadium under the leadership of new Head Coach, Sean Quirk. With nine teams competing in 2016, each team will have an additional bye week, and will also play two games over a four-day span once during the season. For more information, call the front office at 617-746-9933 or visit

About NFCR

For more than 43 years, the National Foundation for Cancer Research has focused attention on areas of cancer research that show promise but would otherwise go unfunded. NFCR is dedicated to supporting high risk/high reward cancer research and public education relating to prevention, early diagnosis, better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for all types of cancer.

Contacts:  Rachel Murphy, Boston Cannons: 603-988-2861 or
Kevin Flight, Elevate Communications: 781-439-7140 or
NFCR: 301-654-1250 ask for Play4theCure or
Keith Spiro, KeithSpiroMedia: 617-249-4380 or


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A Tribute to Barbara Karpouzis Valavanes

When the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) receives contributions from Estates and Trusts we rarely get the opportunity to know the story and the impetus behind the ultimate gift a person can make. In the case of the gift from the Estate of Barbara Karpouzis Valavanes we received an accompanying note from her daughter which gave us insight into her mother’s motivation.


Barbara K. Valavanes (she was very proud of the Karpouzis name) lived to the ripe old age of ninety but of those ninety years, many of them had been lived with sad memories of a beloved son, lost to cancer in 1972 when he was only twenty-one. We would like to think that, today, this young man’s life could have been prolonged, even saved, by the advances made in cancer research since his untimely death. That is what keeps us motivated to keep going at NFCR and is one of the reasons why Barbara K. Valavanes chose to designate NFCR to be a recipient of a gift from her estate. She was introduced to our mission in 1975 by her daughter who was familiar with NFCR’s early support of our co-founder, Albert Szent-Györgyi.

Barbara had a huge impetus to “give back.”  Early in life her family had to flee their loving home in Greece when it became an occupied country and, when they arrived in the U.S., the early years were difficult as they coincided with the Great Depression and the loss of her father in 1939.

Barbara’s life was long, active and productive and she influenced countless people as a result of her charismatic personality and the many community activities in which she was involved and all while she worked as a teacher of English as a  Foreign Language  for over 30 years. Barbara participated in Veterans organizations, Memorial and Loyalty Day parades, Girl Scout Leadership, and the Planning Committee for the 250th celebration of Lancaster, PA, her adopted  home. She was a devoted and active member of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church where she taught Sunday School for over 30 years. She visited those in the hospital and shut-ins and served in Prison Ministry for 35 years. This is far from a complete listing of Barbara’s interests and activities but it gives you a picture of a woman who lived a life dedicated to love of and care for others. Barbara received many awards for her community involvement but her greatest reward was in seeing others flourish.

The National Foundation is deeply honored and grateful that our mission of cancer research to find new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat all types of cancer was supported and valued by Barbara Karpouzis Valavanes, not only during her amazing life but in her estate planning also. NFCR is proud to be numbered among the many institutions she supported and, like her, we are committed to saving and helping our fellow human beings through Research for a Cure.

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