NFCR Announces $200,000 Research Match for Pediatric Cancers


NFCR Announces Childhood Cancer Research Match in Collaboration with the Rally Foundation

$200,000 Match for Pediatric cancers

In February 2024, NFCR President and CEO Sujuan Ba, Ph.D., participated in the first global OncoThon event co-hosted by Oncoheroes Biosciences, a biotech company dedicated to pediatric cancer and is a recipient of long-term support from NFCR through our AIM-HI Translational Research Initiative. Dr. Ba joined fellow community leaders, including the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer CEO Dean Crowe, to raise awareness for pediatric cancer research.

During the event, Ms. Crowe offered a $200,000 match to organizations willing to raise funds, to which Dr. Ba proudly pledged to help meet this challenge through a new NFCR fundraising campaign. Give Now >>>

Childhood Cancer Research is Underfunded and Under-researched

In the U.S., cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children and adolescents (15-19 years.)

Did you know many cancer drugs are in use to treat pediatric cancer patients, but only five drugs are specifically developed or approved for children with certain types of cancer?

The lack of development of pediatric cancer drugs forces oncologists to use adult cancer drugs to treat their young patients. This approach can be harmful to the patients and, in some cases, have long-term side effects. More support and more research are needed to provide those diagnosed with childhood cancer with better survival outcomes and less harmful treatments.

Learn more about Pediatric Cancer, including risk factors and warning signs to look for.

NFCR is Committed to Reducing the Disparity of Treatment Options for Childhood Cancer Patients

Under the leadership of Dr. Sujuan Ba, NFCR’s President and CEO, we embarked on an unconventional venture philanthropy approach to support and launch the first biotech solely dedicated to developing pediatric cancer drugs, led by two dads touched by childhood cancer. The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is the first non-profit organization that provided seed funding to support the critically needed pediatric cancer drug development by Oncoheroes Biosciences.

We are working towards better outcomes for ALL cancer patients through collaboration with other cancer leaders like Ricardo Garcia, Founder and CEO of Oncoheroes Biosciences, and Ms. Dean Crowe of the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Together, we make cures possible and can create a world without cancer.

Every dollar NFCR raises to improve treatment options for childhood cancers will have double the impact from now through the end of April, thanks to the Rally Foundation.

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