The National Foundation for Cancer Research is proud to introduce our latest cancer research support program, and to name it after the Salisbury family, three members of whom have since 1973 shaped our organization into the bold, risk-taking enterprise that it is today: co-founders, Franklin, Sr., and Tamara, and former CEO, Franklin, Jr. 

The Salisbury Award for Entrepreneurial Translational Research consists of two features:

  1. A set of Award Pitches, conducted by faculty and non-faculty investigators at major cancer research institutions, with winners and runners-up receiving honorariums of $3,000 and $1,500, respectively, selected based upon presented cancer therapeutic concepts, breakthroughs, discoveries or technologies, with emphasis on projects’ feasibility, novelty and patient impact;
  2. Followed by a larger Venture Competition among preceding Pitch winners and runners-up, the winner of which to receive funding of up to $250,000 toward respective start-up efforts.

Learn more about the Salisbury Award here.

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