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Why Play4TheCure?

Play4TheCure inspires athletes and their teams to leverage their passion for sports to “Play4” loved ones affected by cancer. Throughout the season, players are encouraged to actively participate in working to raise money for research that makes a difference. When teams “Play 4 The Cure,” 100% of funds are donated to NFCR-funded scientists.

Play4TheCure relies on partnerships with sports teams to raise awareness and funds for world-renowned scientists who lead the fight to prevent, treat and cure cancer, ALL cancers. In 2019, 251 teams partnered with Play4TheCure, raising more than $268,000. Register today to help Play4TheCure reach our ambitious 2020 goal of $300,000!

Not only does Play4TheCure support life-saving cancer research, but it also benefits athletic teams and programs by:

      • Uniting teams under one cause
      • Building character in players
      • Teaching the importance of giving
      • Providing a way for teams to give back to their communities

We are incredibly impressed by all of the hard work and the impact that every team has had both internally and among communities.

Already, money raised by Play4TheCure teams has contributed to breakthroughs, including prevention strategies, earlier diagnosis and new anticancer drugs and therapies. By registering today, scientists can continue to make game-changing discoveries in cancer treatments, detection, prevention and ultimately, a cure.

The Impact of Your Donations

Play4TheCure teams make a difference worldwide. A research project supported by the National Foundation for Cancer Research has recently been awarded $700,000 to advance its lead cancer drug candidate. The funding will be used to develop a uniquely engineered protein that can kill cancer cells.

NFCR Fellow Paul Fisher

The National Foundation for Cancer Research was the first institution to provide funding for this specific form of research. Dr. Fisher, one of the parties involved states, “the National Foundation for Cancer Research’s continued support of innovative cancer research helped make possible the underlying scientific breakthrough.”

It is because of Play4TheCure teams that this research project and those like it are possible! Make the decision to support cancer research. Click here to register TODAY.

For More Information

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