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NFCR’s Annual Giving Day: June 13th to the 14th

NFCR 2024 Day of Giving

Starting June 13th at noon and running until noon on June 14th, the National Foundation for Cancer Research will host our annual Giving Day!

For 24 hours, we will ask our supporters nationwide and around the globe to come together, give, and be a part of the movement. 

This year, we will be focusing on the unmet needs in patient care and cancer research. Our goal is to mobilize the community and motivate everyone to get involved in making cures possible.

Throughout the day, there will be different challenges our supporters can participate in, helping to unlock match gifts and introduce new people to our mission. 

The development of lifesaving cancer research therapies isn’t due to a lack of ideas. It is due to a lack of resources required to enable these therapies to reach the trial stages. NFCR is tackling these unmet needs by funding early-stage research to help more innovative ideas enter the pipeline for approval. The generosity of our supporters helps more treatments reach these critical stages, thus improving survivorship. 

Do you know the costs associated with cancer research?

    • $25-$100 – Stains one tissue slide from a tumor biopsy to look for a predictive biomarker of cancer metastasis
    • $100  –  Performs one biopsy to get tumor tissues from a patient for a variety of pathological tests and biological analyses
    • $250 – Buys one case of petri dishes for growing cancer cells – an essential first step to identify tumor markers or test treatment effectiveness of new drugs
    • $500-750 – Buys one antibody test to determine whether tumor cells have a specific marker for drug resistance
    • $1,000 – Carries out a comprehensive genome-wide analysis on all genes in one tumor sample, for developing targeted and personalized cancer therapies

Without our supporters, funding cancer research would not be possible.

Be a Giving Day Ambassador

Do you want to play a more significant role in making NFCR’s Giving Day successful? Sign up to be a Giving Day Ambassador! As an ambassador, you will: 

  • Help us spread the word about NFCR’s Second Annual Giving Day.
  • Share your fundraising link via social media, text, and email.
  • Inspire and influence your friends and family to support cancer research with you.

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Share these social graphics to help us reach new supporters. You can also share your personal stories about how cancer has impacted cancer using the hashtag #NFCRSupportsCures so others in our community can see them. Thank you!

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