A Young Man’s Determination to Make a Difference for Families


A Young Man’s Determination to Make a Difference for Families Facing Cancer

Ashear Family 2023

As an 18-year-old studying Biology in Cupertino, California, David Ashear stays busy. However, having experienced a cancer diagnosis’s devastating toll on a family personally, he also devotes himself to learning about and supporting cancer research.

Sadly, David has seen relatives battle cancer and lost several loved ones to the disease. Understanding just how prevalent cancer is in the U.S. and worldwide, he was determined to do whatever he could to help advance research so that cancer would no longer be the deadly, incurable, and only somewhat treatable disease that it is.

Because David has Autism Spectrum Disorder, his mom, Katrin, acknowledges he has ‘few true connections in life,’ but at a young age, his parents instilled a spirit of social responsibility in him. Observing the importance of cancer [research] to David has been a source of great pride for his parents. “[His commitment] shows that he cares about an aspect outside of his own universe,” says Katrin.

David splits his pocket money between spending, saving, and charitable causes to put his commitment into action. NFCR proudly receives one-third of his pocket money. (Note: all gifts make a difference in the fight against cancer! NFCR does not receive government grants to fund our researchers. Instead, we rely on the generosity of millions of individuals willing to support our mission. Consider the difference you could make in the fight against cancer and join our community!)

Katrin also supports her son’s mission by involving Google, where she works, through its corporate match program. NFCR receives support from both David and Google, matching David’s contributions dollar-for-dollar – doubling his impact.

 “While I know that my donation alone won’t make a big difference, I know that I am participating in something that will eventually bring an end to one of the most dangerous diseases humanity has had to deal with so far.”

David Ashear, NFCR Supporter

We are tremendously grateful to David, his parents, and Google for their dedication. We hope his story inspires you to pursue ways to translate your hope for a cure to support Research for a Cure.

David’s story serves as a model for inspiring youth about the importance of giving back, as well as how to maximize one’s impact through corporate match programs.

Search your employer below to see what kind of program they may have available to support your charitable giving. 

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Note: This information originally appeared in NFCR’s Spring 2023 Newsletter for Donors.

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