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NFCR & One Life Fitness Partner to Workout4theCure

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On October 14, 2023 the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is partnering with One Life Fitness to Workout 4 the Cure!

During this event OneLife Fitness is opening their doors to support cancer research. You do not need to be a member of any gym to participate in this event. When you donate just $25 , you will be able to sign-up for a variety of workout classes on that Saturday at either the Pike & Rose or Rockville locations, and receive an exclusive One Life/NFCR towel for your participation.

All donations raised during this event will help fund cancer research. YOU will be helping make cures possible. NFCR has a proven 50-year track record of cancer research, and takes a different approach than most when it comes to cancer research. Unlike other organizations, NFCR supports and facilitates collaboration between scientists, all while focusing with an unwavering commitment to support high-risk, high-reward research. A world without cancer is possible, we are all part of the cure. Join our movement to make cures possible.

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NFCR team members will be at each participating location with further resources. If you have any questions about the organization or what we do, we would love to have a chat and discuss what we have been up to, advancements that we have funded, and other events we will be hosting in the future.

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