NFCR Providing Education to Help Cancer Patients with Clinical Trials


National Foundation for Cancer Research Providing Clinical Trial Education and Other Information Services for Cancer Patients

Patient and Doctor Discuss Cancer Clinical Trials

In collaboration with GoMo Health, the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) has established a new online platform, the Research for a Cure Patient Hub, highlighting the critical role of cancer clinical trials for patients, caregivers and medical progress. The website includes information about the importance and benefits of clinical study research and participation, educational resources and a directory of trials. Also included are eligibility criteria and application guidance features for people seeking to participate in specific cancer clinical studies and a tool allowing for notification of future trial opportunities.

The Research for a Cure Patient Hub’s educational component builds upon NFCR’s support for groundbreaking cancer research, much of which has resulted in technologies—therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices—that have advanced through clinical trials and are now benefiting patients. It is an effort to distill and share knowledge and experience the organization has gained through decades of clinical trial facilitation, including by its funded scientists and the ongoing GBM AGILE brain cancer treatment study which it helped design, launch and grow.

The online platform’s facilitation component has been created by NFCR and GoMo Health specifically to help individuals identify and potentially enroll in validated clinical trials of experimental drugs that fit their precise cancer condition. Through integration of proprietary artificial intelligence and in conjunction with an integrated human and digital care team, a referral coordinator can answer questions from cancer patients and guide those interested through an otherwise frequently complicated clinical studies pre-screening process. Qualified patients will be connected directly to trial sites and be provided with information and support.

Additionally, upon enrollment in a cancer clinical trial and in order to help reduce stress and anxiety, patients can be individually nurtured through each step of the study with content, resources and support to help manage expectations regarding what to expect, what’s required, recommendations for success and tools for empowerment.

“The first version of the Research for a Cure Patient Hub will be updated and optimized over time with enhanced experiences and opportunities to provide improved support to cancer patients and other people who need it,” says NFCR President and CEO Sujuan Ba, Ph.D. “It’s our aim to positively affect clinical trial experiences and bring new cancer therapies to those in need as early as possible, and our collaboration with GoMo Health brings us closer to that.”