How Can You Continue to Support Play4TheCure? - NFCR


How Can You Continue to Support Play4TheCure?

We understand that recent public health developments may force you to postpone or cancel your Play4TheCure event. More than ever, we are realizing the importance of research and the dedicated scientists that make it happen.

We NEED your help to continue the fight against cancer! Charities around the world are feeling the economic effects of COVID-19. Play4TheCure and National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) are not immune to this economic struggle. Cancer research is still vital and desperately needed. If you’re able, we ask that you continue to support the mission during this difficult time.

Below are five ways that you can continue to support Play4TheCure:

1. Utilize online fundraising tools.

You can still fundraise while social distancing by utilizing online fundraising tools like GoFundMe Charity. Share your team’s fundraising page on social media and via email to collect donations for cancer research from friends and family. Don’t have a fundraising page? No worries! It only takes a few minutes – create one today!

2. Recruit a fall team to host their own Play4TheCure event.

“Postpone” your Play4TheCure event by recruiting a fall team to participate! Soccer, football, volleyball, field hockey… Ask the coach if they want to support cancer research this upcoming school year. Let them know that you and your team are happy to help and give advice so they can host a successful fundraiser.

3. Purchase merchandise from our Play4TheCure store.

We recently launched our Play4TheCure store, a new website that allows you to purchase Play4TheCure-branded merchandise. And guess what?! A portion of all purchases is donated to cancer research at NFCR. Visit the website today to check out the fun Play4TheCure products, including silicone bracelets, headbands, baseball hats, socks, drawstring bags and co-branded t-shirts!

4. Make a donation.

The classic way to support our mission… make a donation!

5. Follow Play4TheCure on social media.

Take the time to explore our social media for cancer research information and tips for getting involved. Follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for weekly updates.