The Redux 3 file ReduxCore/inc/fields/typography/typography.php is still in use by Born to Give Child Theme. Please contact the author of this theme (NOT Redux support, we have no control over this issue). They need to update their project to use Redux 4 and discontinue use of this file. It will soon be removed from Redux.


Fly to Find a Cure

Earn up to 15 miles per dollar for donations of $250 or more....

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Honor & Memorial Gifts

Choose to make your gift in honor or memory of and give as an individual, or you can establish your own personal fund to encourage others to help your cause....

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Create Your Own Research Fund

Do you want to take your support of a specific cancer research area to the next level while honoring or remembering a family member or loved one?...

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The Lucy Fund for Metastatic Cancer Research

The Lucy Fund was established in 2010 with a mission to make metastatic cancer chronic, not deadly, empowering communities to support metastatic cancer research....

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