A new study on Gliblastoma supported by NFCR just published - NFCR

Media Coverage

In a press release from Massachusetts General Hospital titled, “Glioma subtypes determine how the dangerous brain tumors spread, evade anti-angiogenic treatment” the research of NFCR Fellow, Rakesh Jain, Ph.D. is highlighted as published online in Cancer Cell in April, 2018. The study describes, “how different molecular subtypes of glioma cells use different strategies to spread through the brain and how anti-angiogenic treatment selects for a treatment-resistant cellular subtype.”

According to Jain, “Despite massive basic and clinical research efforts, the treatment of glioblastoma and other malignant gliomas remains one of the most challenging tasks in clinical oncology.” This study is another positive step forward to finding better ways to treat this especially difficult brain cancer.

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