NFCR On-Site for the Ringing of the NASDAQ Closing Bell 5/19/23


NFCR On-Site for the Ringing of the Closing Bell at NASDAQ – May 19, 2023


The National Foundation for Cancer Research, on behalf of our researchers and supporters, has made it to the floor of Nasdaq! NFCR President & CEO Sujuan Ba, alongside her colleagues, rang the closing bell on Friday in honor of National Brain Tumor Awareness Month and #GBMAGILE.
This event brings NFCR and its partner organizations working on GBM AGILE into the well-deserving spotlight. Their tireless work to deliver the paradigm-shifting clinical trial GBM AGILE into practice is paying off! This game-changing clinical trial accelerates how we review and approve life-saving cancer treatments for the most difficult-to-treat cancers, such as glioblastoma. As a result, together, we are helping save patient lives. Special Thanks to the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research Team for inviting us to this momentous occasion.
NFCR views collaboration as a cornerstone of our mission. Through working together, we can combine resources and knowledge to make discoveries more quickly and deliver solutions to patients who need them most.
Learn more about GBM AGILE and how you can get involved. 
In recognition of National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, please share NFCR’s cancer information resources with your loved ones – it may help save their life.