Translational Research bridges the gap between basic and clinical cancer research. It is the application of laboratory discoveries as new and better cancer-fighting therapies and technologies.  

Pre-clinical translational research obtains crucial data, including how a new treatment could be effective in cancer patients. This information is required to gain authority to test in humans from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or other countries’ regulatory counterparts. With such approval, a new experimental therapy can begin patient testing in a Phase I clinical trial.

The National Foundation for Cancer Research provides funding and other support for our scientists to engage in translational research and development. Our efforts allow for the initial application of lab breakthroughs and achievement of inflection points that entice external partners to provide additional resources to our researchers.

Your support allows NFCR to continue taking bold action in support of the translation of promising discoveries into tomorrow’s cancer care


Challenges of Translational Research

Many discoveries need funding to begin transitioning into the next-generation of cancer treatments and diagnostics.

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NFCR Efforts in Translational Research

Unique acceleration of investment in translational research by NFCR is working.

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Focus of NFCR’S Translational Research

Our pipeline of research finding applications for many cancer types will reach patients for the best outcome in cancer care.

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