NFCR Journey of Cancer Research

Basic Research fuels all groundbreaking discoveries and increases our understanding of the fundamental nature of cancer: its causes and many forms, how it grows and spreads, and innovative ideas to stop it in its tracks.

Basic research can lead to incremental advancements in our understanding of cancer or a “leap forward” when a breakthrough is made. Without basic cancer research, nothing would be accomplished: no new treatments or more sensitive diagnostics or better prevention strategies.

The National Foundation for Cancer Research’s funding philosophy gives scientists the freedom to explore their big ideas, many times with little preliminary data. NFCR eliminates the red tape that takes away valuable time from scientists. For nearly 50 years, our organization’s grassroots support to scientists in this first part of the Journey of Cancer Research has enabled many laboratory projects to make significant impacts in the fight against the disease. 

Your support to NFCR is critical to igniting the momentum of bold new ideas that may become life-saving treatments.


Challenges of Basic Cancer Research

Resources are needed so that the foundation for all scientific progress can be strengthened and expanded.

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NFCR Milestones in Basic Cancer Research

NFCR’s support for discovery research has been critical in the fight against cancer.

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Focus of NFCR Basic Cancer Research

Our focused approach covers a wide range of cancer research themes.

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