NFCR x Dent Education Cancer Care Package


NFCR x Dent Education Cancer Care Package


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Gift this thoughtful and useful care package for the cancer fighter, thriver, or anyone in your life who wants to help support cancer research and youth entrepreneurship. 

This collaborative care package includes:

  • tote bag to carry your essentials to and from appointments and treatments
  • hot and cold beverage holder for your fuel of choice
  • pair of socks to help you keep warm, cozy, and comfortable for whatever your day holds

All items are branded with a logo created by the Dent Team, which reads, “A moment to find a cure. A moment to make a dent.”

NFCR has partnered with Dent Education to develop a gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face. This care package helps further the entrepreneurial endeavors of students in the Dent Education program in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dent Education empowers youth to build, sell, & grow! The products in this care package were designed and created by the students in the program. 

Together we can accelerate cancer research for a cure. Thank you for your support!