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Daffodils & Diamonds

Daffodils & Diamonds

38th Annual Daffodils & Diamonds Luncheon and Fashion Show

When:  March 14, 2019

Time:  10:30 am

Where:  Columbia Country Club
7900 Connecticut Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Fashion Show Provided by: TBA

The Daffodils and Diamonds Luncheon was founded by Bethesda’s Alice-Anne Birch in honor of her mother and sister, both of whom succumbed to the disease. The luncheon is held to raise funds for National Foundation for Cancer Research, specifically for breast and ovarian cancers.

The Daffodils and Diamonds Committee is a group of strong and accomplished women who have resolved to move forward together in the fight against cancer. Thanks to their hard work and generosity, hundreds of thousands of life-saving research dollars have been generated for NFCR’s advanced cancer research.

WJLA-TV 7 Anchor Alison Starling, a strong supporter, will once again emcee the event.

This year’s event is hosted in loving memory of one of the earliest and strongest supporters of Daffodils & Diamonds, and an original member of NFCR’s Board of Advisors, Nancy Flood Cole.  The program will support Nancy’s Wish.

Nancy’s wish after meeting NFCR-funded scientist, Dr. Jim Basilion, was to fund his promising work.  Incomplete surgical resections of breast cancer may result in cancer recurrence or repeated surgery.  He is developing “smart probes” which allow surgeons to rapidly identify those residual cancer tissues, resulting in undergoing only one surgery.  This will increase a patient’s survivorship and reduce reoccurrence.  This fund named “Nancy’s Wish” will help Dr. Basilion continue his great work.

2018 Committee Members

Mr. Anthony Laws Birch

Mr. John L. Bohraus

Mrs. Pamela Brancaccio

Mr. Kevin Brown

Miss Caroline Flood Cole

Mr. Irwin L. Crawford II

Mr. David Hammond Cunningham

Mr. Michael J. Doyle

Miss Mary Jane Edwards

Mr. Henry Harold Elliott Jr.

Mr. John Fritz Finley

Mr. L. Andrew Funt

Mr. Trevor Gardner Jr.

Mr. Joshua Heller

Mr. Charles H. Hopkins, Jr.

Ms. Charles Howard Kneessi

Ms. Elizabeth Walker Lamond

Ms. J. Lynn Lawson

Mr. Powell Smith Lindsay

Ms. Carrie Mann

Mr. Stephen Cassin Muir

Mrs. Claudia H. Neal

Mr. Michael Peter Novelli

Ms. Gail Markham Peterson

Mr. John Edward Powell

Mr. Walter Edward Rogers Jr.

Ms. Deepika Prasad

Ms. Melissa Siegel

Mr. James Anthony Soltesz

Mr. Harrison Somerville Jr.

Mr. John Frederick Sturm

Mrs. Phyllis Thomas-Thompson

Mrs. Kristina Koones Veirs