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How Long Can the Immunity Against COVID-19 Protect Us from Reinfection?

There has been major concern about the protective power of immunity against the novel coronavirus. Many people have asked: how long can the immunity, once acquired by the previous infection or vaccination, protect us from the COVID-19 reinfection? In February of 2021, a group of researchers reported that the immunity…...

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3 Things to Know Before Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

The nationwide Covid-19 vaccine rollout has vaccinated millions of people, which helps to significantly reduce the number of new cases and protect the people of high risk, including cancer patients, from being infected.  A fast vaccination will push the country entering the stage of herd immunity, namely enough population in…...

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Cancer Research Applied to Develop COVID-19 Treatment Strategies

New publication by NFCR-supported scientist Rakesh Jain, Ph.D., applies cancer research findings to help COVID-19 treatment in different patient groups. Few drugs for COVID-19 appear to work well in unselected patients, but now a new mathematical model provides insight into which patients benefit from which treatments. Researchers and investigators, including…...

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Deadly Decisions: COVID-19 or CANCER?

Another deadly effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has recently been uncovered—significantly delayed cancer screenings. A recent study found that more than a third of Americans have missed life-saving cancer screenings because of the coronavirus. The reason? Americans have been too afraid to visit their doctor’s offices, making the decision to…...

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