NFCR has now partnered with AngeLink, to help you give back to your community and earn service hours you need through their StudentLink Program!

StudentLink is a year-round, student-led philanthropic movement powered by the AngeLink Community Foundation (“ACF”). Through ACF’s forward-thinking focus, StudentLink’s breakthrough program empowers a new generation of social impact innovators.

The Benefits of StudentLink

You can choose other high school students to join your team and start a campaign for your school today! Each teammate who raises funds for NFCR will receive valuable community service hours!  In addition, there are opportunities to earn college scholarships.
And, it gets better……..for the first 100 students who join the AngeLink StudentLink Program and launch a fundraiser to support NFCR, AngeLink will donate $10 to help kick-start your campaign! So don’t wait. 
To learn more about this amazing program, join the fun and earn those service hours, visit StudentLink for more information! You can also e-mail the AngeLink community outreach specialist