Giving through charitable gift annuities can be a very flexible way to make charitable gifts to National Foundation for Cancer Research while at the same time providing a fixed income for life for you and/or others you choose. Charitable gift annuities are easy to establish and can be funded with gifts of relatively modest amounts. 

charitable gift annuities

Here’s how a charitable gift annuity works:

  • You transfer cash or other assets to National Foundation for Cancer Research. This is accomplished by completing a simple agreement and can normally be handled by mail.
  • You will receive fixed payments annually (or more frequently if desired). The amount of your payment is fixed at the time your gift is funded, and the amount will not change with interest rate and investment market fluctuations.
  • You may benefit from an immediate charitable income tax deduction for a portion of the amount used to fund your gift annuity, which may reduce your federal and/or state income tax.
  • A part of each payment is received tax-free for a period of time.
  • If you would like, you can also choose to name another person (often a spouse, parent, or sibling) to receive payments with you instead of you or following your lifetime for the remainder of his or her life.
  • The assets used to fund your gift annuity will generally be removed from your estate for probate and tax purposes.

Many people choose to fund more than one gift annuity over time. As payment rates increase with age, each gift annuity generally features larger payments.

When property such as stock, mutual funds, or other securities that have increased in value is given for a gift annuity, the charitable deduction can be based on the full value of the property, not just its original cost. Additional tax savings may be possible through the reduction or delay in payment of capital gains taxes that might otherwise be owed if the donated property were sold.

NFCR also offers traditional and unique methods of charitable giving. For example, you can: 

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