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Commemorative Travel – Honoring Loved Ones Through Travel

There are many ways to honor a loved one after they pass. Some people keep a special item to remind them of their loved one. Some people get meaningful tattoos. And some people look for ways to bring them closer to their loved ones even after their passing. One of…...

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Managing Stress as a Cancer Patient and Survivor

Has cancer affected your life and left you feeling not quite yourself? You’re not alone. Research shows that anxiety and distress are more common in people affected by cancer than in their healthy peers with no history of cancer. Cancer patients and survivors often have fears related to their health,…...

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10 Ways to Embrace Positivity in 2021

As Americans gathered around to watch the annual ball drop, most people were relieved to finally bid farewell to the unprecedented year of 2020. The year had been exceptionally challenging in every way imaginable – financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Though it was truly amazing to see people and organizations…...

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