Bring New Treatments to Cancer Patients

with the National Foundation for Cancer Research

Thanks to a generous grant partner, the National Foundation for Cancer Research has recently expanded one of our research focus areas showing tremendous and promising benefits for patients – Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) research. CTCs shed from the primary tumor enter the bloodstream – and present the risk of metastasis – the cause of 90% of cancer deaths. When captured from a blood sample, CTCs can be used in genomic testing and screened for treatments. Expanded CTC research could improve treatment plans for patients on a personalized level. NFCR’s grant enables us to onboard four new researchers working in this field, but we want to double that.

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Doubling the number of researchers means we may be able to deliver new treatment options to cancer patients more quickly. And time is critical to cancer patients waiting for a breakthrough to save their lives. Your support is the missing link to accomplish this. Please, make a generous contribution today to help accelerate breakthrough discoveries in CTC research for many types of cancer..