Pretty Rainbow – NFCR

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Pretty Rainbow


Year: 2022

Length: 11 Height: 11

Type: Canvas

Not framed

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Six-year-old cancer survivor Greyson Banovich created this canvas art piece. Diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma at just three years old, Greyson had to undergo a series of surgeries to remove the tumor near his spine.

NFCR-supported genomic research helped guide Greyson’s treatment approach and enabled him to live a relatively normal life now. With his older sister, Emery, Greyson enjoys making unique art pieces that he hopes will help other childhood cancer patients.

When you donate to receive this one-of-a-kind artwork by a childhood cancer survivor, your gift will help advance essential pediatric cancer treatments and diagnostics.

Watch to learn more about Greyson’s triumph over cancer: