NFCR Journey of Cancer Research

Clinical research gives patients hope that new cancer therapies will be life-saving. Phase II and III clinical trials test in patients the effectiveness of experimental drugs which have been developed through years of earlier research progress. 

These patient studies are the best—if not only—way to advance medicine. They evaluate results, inspire confidence and validate new ways of treatment. 

As essential as they are, clinical trials can also be lengthy, costly and—among some people—thought to entail too much risk. But the National Foundation for Cancer Research has established and supported new platforms to move beyond these negative characteristics—real and perceived—of clinical research.

Your support of NFCR ensures for efficient clinical trials that can bring the best new cancer treatments to patients—and do so more quickly, cheaply and safely.


Challenges of Clinical Trials and Research

Funding is needed so that new clinical trials and more efficient models of conducting them can occur.

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NFCR Efforts in Clinical Research

Our efforts to accelerate clinical research are yielding results for patients and drug developers.

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Current Clinical Programs

Cancer patients can have hope that new treatments can save lives.

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