What is Play4TheCure?

Play4TheCure is the sport fundraising program for the National Foundation for Cancer Research which provides funding worldwide to the best scientists to enable cutting edge research that other large cancer organizations can’t and won’t fund. Play4TheCure inspires young athletes and their teams to leverage their passion for sports to “Play4” loved ones affected by cancer and encourages them to actively participate in working to fund cancer research to make a difference.

Play4TheCure was founded in 2006 by Tina Reinprecht, coach of the Mystx Field Hockey Club in Feasterville, PA and a current board member of USA Field Hockey. Play4TheCure began as an annual indoor field hockey tournament to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.

“I remember one of those glimpses 10 1/2 years ago that lingered. And although I had a smile on the outside, a knot was forming on the inside all because of seeing a hat in that glimpse. One of my players’ moms was wearing a hat. It wasn’t cold out that day yet she wore a hat. Two months later another mom came to practice wearing a hat. Both of those women wore those hats to cover their thinning hair from chemotherapy treatments. And in that second moment, while my heart questioned, “what was going on?” my mind was made up that if I could ever find a way to create something that could show my support and appreciation for the mothers in our club fighting breast cancer, I would do it.”

Tina Reinprecht
Creator of the Play4theCure movement

With the help of Play4TheCure and individual donors, NFCR has delivered over $350 million leading to many breakthroughs, including prevention strategies, earlier diagnosis and new anticancer drugs and therapies. In three seasons, Play4TheCure has experienced tremendous growth, increasing from 100 to over 500 annual events. Many Play4TheCure events involve college, high school, middle school and club sports teams — lacrosse, field hockey, softball, swimming, soccer, football — but there have also been individual events such as swimming for a goal and exercise-related events like yoga.


Are you looking for a cause to unite your team? Are you looking for ways to build character in your players? Are you seeking opportunities to instill in your players a sense that any goal can be achieved together through teamwork?

Play4TheCure is working with passionate coaches and organizers just like you, who want to make a difference in their community and achieve great goals through team work. Through hosting a Play4TheCure event, your team can be brought together to achieve a goal and learn the importance of giving. At the same time, Play4TheCure provides a vehicle for your team to reach out to your broader community and build goodwill and support for your team.