History in the Making 

Glioblastoma (GBM) is universally known as the deadliest form of brain cancer, with no effective new treatments to extend the lives of patients in three decades. Resolved to find a better way to combat GBM, the National Foundation for Cancer Research, under the leadership of Dr. Sujuan Ba, President & CEO, worked with the leaders in the brain cancer research communities to create the “GBM AGILE Knowledge Network” in 2015 to support the launch of GBM AGILE trial in 2018.

GBM AGILE (Glioblastoma Adaptive Global Innovative Learning Environment) is uniquely designed as a master protocol platform with the ability to test multiple therapies at the same time against a common control (or standard of care). GBM AGILE trial is run by the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR) —a nonprofit organization founded with the initial support from the patient advocacy community, notably National Foundation for Cancer Research in collaboration with the Asian Fund for Cancer Research and the National Brain Tumor Society. It is comprised of some of the world’s foremost clinical, translational, and basic science investigators, in brain cancer communities.

The GBM AGILE has been developed with a revolutionary approach to defeating GBM, with the goal of enabling faster and more efficient testing of new agents and combination therapies, better identification of predictive and prognostic biomarkers and delivery of more effective treatments to all glioblastoma patients.

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Differences between GBM AGILE and a standard clinical trial

Efforts to bring new products to market may last several years, cost billions of dollars and require numerous patients and extensive resources. Standard trials typically test one therapy against the standard of care or a placebo, severely limiting the efficiency of finding new treatments for GBM. GBM AGILE can test multiple therapies against standard of care at once or over time, adding and dropping drugs based on a decision algorithm.

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Design and trial structure that is adaptable based on response in participating patients.

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Global effort opens to a broad patient population with GBM across the world.

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Unique platform to make drug development cost effective and fasten the progress.

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Perpetual learning system to quickly add potentially promising new drugs and drop those that appear to be ineffective.

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