NFCR Thanks Our Program’s Generous Founding Supporters

Mark Baran
James Basilion
Constance Briggs and Tim Cheslak
Elizabeth Cameron
Webster and Jill Cavenee
Todd Chappell
Peikwen Cheng
Kevin and Diane Connolly
Paul and Marlene Fisher
Greg Fox
Patrick and Sheila Frame
Joseph and Judy Franlin
Andy and Sarah Funt
Cohava Gelber
Jennifer Girard
Lee Hoffman
Kwok and Judy Leung
Kyle and Randy Perkins
Franklin C. Salisbury, Jr. and Sujuan Ba Family Charitable Trust
Paul and Cleo Schimmel Family Trust
Jan Stallaert and Sulin Ba
Brian Straight
Charles L. Weatherspoon
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Guy Yachin
Alfred Yung
Suiyuan Zhang and Sumin Ba
Wei Zhang

NFCR Thanks Our Program’s Generous Founding Sponsors