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Play4TheCure is dedicated to raising funds for the National Foundation for Cancer Research through competitive sports featuring recreational sports clubs, middle schools, high schools and collegiate sporting events.

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We’re proud to partner with organizations that believe in our mission to fund and find a cure for cancer and who take a stand to do good while doing business. We’re fortunate to have such dedicated and caring companies as members of our Team supporting the tens of thousands of youth athletes and adults who “Play4TheCure” every day. We thank you.


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play4thecure teams in action

  • Saturday is the team’s annual pink game as GSU partners with Play4theCure to help strikeout cancer. More…

  • Valley Christian Girls soccer raises $5,552 for the National Foundation for Cancer Research. This is the 5th time the girls soccer program has participated in the Play4TheCure and have raised $27,000 for cancer research. More…​

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