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Research for a Cure begins with your team, Join Play4theCure!


Calling all teams!  We want to invite you and your team to be involved in Play4TheCure this year. Any team can participate, whether college, high school, junior high or community league! All you have to do is commit to raising funds for NFCR at one of your games.  Now, when you dedicate your team to hosting a Play4theCure game, your team will receive a FREE Play4theCure kit! The kit contains 50 Play4theCure wristbands to jump-start your fundraiser and an informational fundraising packet to help make your event a success.  Help save lives this season by participating in Play4theCure with your community and teams around the country. With your help, we can get even closer to finding a cure!

Together, we use our passion for sports to raise funds for cancer research, awareness of the importance early detection, and share our knowledge of cancer fighting tips.  To get involved please register a game or tournament NFCR will collaborate with you to organize and promote your event.

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Play4theCure and the National Foundation for Cancer Research Team Up to Fight Cancer

Bethesda, Md. – May 21, 2013 - The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is excited to announce the newest member of its team: Play4theCure.  Play4theCure is dedicated to raising funds in support of cancer research through recreational sports programs, middle schools, high schools and collegiate sporting events nationwide.  Starting today, Play4theCure will join with NFCR, enabling athletes to support NFCR’s efforts in funding cancer research and to provide cancer prevention education, and early detection information to the public.

Play4theCure and the NFCR both recognize that the power of teamwork transcends sport and can empower athletes and their community to give back meaningfully.  Everyone has been touched by cancer’s unbiased hand and everyone can be motivated to join the fight against it.

“Today many young athletes and coaches are motivated to want to make a difference in the fight against cancer,” said Franklin C. Salisbury, Jr., President of NFCR.  “Play4theCure offers teams the opportunity to do what they love, while helping provide much needed resources for cancer research.  We are very excited about working with Play4theCure; Research Cures Cancer and together we will make it happen. ”

Play4theCure was founded in 2006 by Christine K. Reinprecht, coach of the Mystx Field Hockey Club in Feasterville, PA and a current board member of USA Field Hockey.  Play4theCure began as an annual indoor field hockey tournament to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  Play4theCure has since expanded to include many recreational sports programs, as well as middle school, high school and collegiate teams.  Play4theCure’s Corporate Partner, Longstreth Women’s Sports, will provide free cancer awareness kits, and will include a pink field hockey ball and wristbands to participating field hockey teams interested in raising money for cancer research. 

“I started Play4theCure with the goal to making it possible for every motivated field hockey team in the country to host a fundraiser for cancer research,” said Reinprecht.  “NFCR brings invaluable resources to the table—a national scope and a personalized commitment to make it possible for us to reach this goal. 

Now together with NFCR, Play4theCure will have the opportunity to save lives by emphasizing early detection and prevention, while playing a key role in finding cures for ALL types of cancer.

For teams interested in participating, sign up at http://www.nfcr.org/play-4-cure-registration-form or contact NFCR at Play4theCure@nfcr.org

About the National Foundation for Cancer Research

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a leading cancer research charity dedicated to funding cancer research and public education relating to cancer prevention, earlier diagnosis, better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for cancer. NFCR promotes and facilitates collaboration among scientists to accelerate the pace of discovery from bench to bedside.

Since 1973, NFCR has provided over $320 million in support of discovery-oriented cancer research focused on understanding how and why cells become cancerous, and on public education relating to cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.  NFCR scientists are discovering cancer's molecular mysteries and translating these discoveries into therapies that hold the hope for curing cancer. NFCR is about Research for a Cure - cures for all types of cancer.  For more information, please visit www.NFCR.org.