Liver Cancer

The liver is the largest organ inside the body, and performs many vital functions: a person cannot survive without his or her liver. More common in African and East Asian countries, liver cancer is often tied to hepatitis infection (A, B, and C), exposure to toxic chemicals, or excessive alcohol consumption. Symptoms of liver cancer are often nonspecific, and are not apparent until later stages of the disease.

NFCR Research


  • NFCR is designing a new anti-cancer drug that will target cancer proteins that prevent healthy proteins from stopping cancer growth. This new technology has major implications for the possibility of stopping the spread of cancer.
  • NFCR is trying to stop the spread of cancer is by identifying the genes that allow cancer cells to first move away from the main tumor and into nearby healthy areas, the initial step of cancer spreading throughout the body. Once these genes are identified, we can develop drugs to stop them and this approach may prevent the cancer cells from moving to begin with.