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Turn Your NFCR Donation Into A Dream Vacation

By Spencer Howard

Content courtesy of UpgradedPoints

At UpgradedPoints, we’re obsessed with maximizing the travel experience. There’s nothing quite like taking your dream vacation, whether that’s eating cheap Michelin star-rated food in Singapore or exploring European history.
Let’s be honest, though. While we all love to travel, we don’t really enjoy how much it costs sometimes. So, how do we make your travel dreams a reality? Frequent flyer miles.

Thanks to frequent flyer miles, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage just to take the vacation you deserve. Instead, you can focus on where to go rather than how you can afford to get there!

Earn Miles With Your NFCR Donation

Make a donation to the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

You might already earn extra miles when shopping online by using an airline shopping portal, but have you ever thought of earning miles for your charitable donations?!

When you make a donation to an organization like the National Foundation for Cancer Research, you know that it is helping push research forward to help millions of people in need of help. That, alone, more than makes the donation worth it.

However, The National Foundation for Cancer Research takes things a step further. They have partnered with several airline programs to give a little something back to you when you make a charitable donation.

For donations of $25 or more, you will earn 10 frequent flyer miles per dollar donated. NFCR has partnered with American Airlines AAdvantage®, Delta SkyMiles®, United Airlines MileagePlus® , and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ so that you can choose which frequent flyer miles you would like to earn with your donation.

During April and May, NFCR will be offering 15 miles per dollar donated which makes this the perfect time to make your donation.

Now, earning miles is great, but just what exactly can you do with them? The best part of miles is using them for some amazing travel, so we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to use the miles you can earn from your donation to NFCR.

American Airlines AAdvantage

Japan Airlines offers a very nice first class experience and you can book it with American miles!

If you’re looking for a fun way to redeem your American miles, flying first class on their partner Japan Airlines to Tokyo is an amazing way to fly. For 80,000 American miles, you can enjoy your own private first class suite. Not a bad way to fly across the Pacific Ocean!

For 80,000 American miles, you can enjoy your own private first class suite. Not a bad way to fly across the Pacific Ocean!

Not only will you have access to a lie-flat bed on this flight, the crew on Japan Airlines are some of the best in the world. They go to great lengths to ensure you enjoy flying with them.

You can book this flight in business class, which also includes a lie-flat bed, for 60,000 American miles. This is only one of many amazing flights you can enjoy with miles.

If you’re curious about some other options, check out our top 24 ways to redeem American miles

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles

Use your SkyMiles to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. – Image courtesy of

Delta’s SkyMiles program provides one of the best ways to fly to Europe thanks to their partner Virgin Atlantic. For 70,000 SkyMiles you can fly to from the US to London in Virgin Atlantic’s upper class.

Flying Upper Class comes with several perks. You get a lie-flat seat, great food and drink (including champagne service), and lounge access at the airport.If you’re flying out of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, or Washington, DC, you will have access to their famous Clubhouse lounges.

If you’re flying out of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, or Washington, DC, you will have access to their famous Clubhouse lounges.

If you’re looking for some other great Delta SkyMiles redemptions, we have 11 other fantastic options for you.

United Airlines MileagePlus

Take an amazing trip to the Caribbean thanks to United miles!

Have you ever felt like you needed some time on a beach to relax? Well, with United MileagePlus miles you can visit two Caribbean or two Central American destinations for 35,000 miles round-trip in economy class or 60,000 miles in business class.

Here’s an easy example of how United’s stopover (stays of more than 24 hours) on round-trip bookings can help you see two destinations: Fly to Panama City, spend several days relaxing (stopover), fly to El Salvador for a few more days before returning home.

You could also combine two Caribbean destinations such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Want some more inspiration to help you use your miles? Take a look at our 16 best ways to use United MileagePlus miles.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Champagne is only the beginning of this amazing first class experience on Cathay Pacific.

While Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is not as big as the airlines above, it provides one of our favorite redemptions. For 70,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles, you can fly one-way to Asia in first class on Cathay Pacific, one of the world’s best airlines.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan even allows a stopover on one-way bookings, which means you can enjoy a stopover in Hong Kong before continuing to a city such as Singapore or Bangkok.

If you’re up for a real adventure, rather than connecting to another city in Asia, you can continue to South Africa for no extra miles. Now, that’s an amazing way to book an award ticket.

To get some other fun ideas, check out our 17 favorite ways to use Alaska miles.

What Are You Waiting For?!

The National Foundation for Cancer Research depends on contributions from people like you to support cutting edge research.

If that wasn’t enough, NFCR wants to help you take your next vacation by giving you tons of miles.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the airline miles you want, make your donation, and start planning your next vacation!

* Please check airline websites for possible award changes.

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7 Cancer-Fighting New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of each new year, almost half of adults in North America resolve to better themselves in some way. From spending more time with family and friends to saving money to losing weight, New Year’s Resolutions are often made with the best of intentions but can be challenging to keep. In fact, studies show that more than 20% of resolutions are broken after the first week, 40% are broken after one month and 60% after six months.[1] YIKES!

In honor of 2017, we’ve put together seven cancer-fighting resolutions that are worth fighting to keep. If you can’t commit to all seven, simply pick one or two and stick with them. Your body will thank you.

1. Give your body the nutrients it needs.  

What you eat – and don’t eat – has a powerful effect on your health. Maintaining a healthy weight and nourishing your body with certain foods is key. A few simple changes to your diet can make a big difference in how you look and feel – and can also help lower your risk of cancer.

Add superfoods to your diet.
Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that contain large doses of cancer-fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
* Add dark green veggies like spinach, broccoli and kale to your salads and omelets.
* Snack on a handful of raw almonds or roasted pumpkin seeds instead of a bag of chips.
* Also, check out some of our favorite cancer-fighting recipes using superfoods.

Replace one processed item a day with real food.
* Grab an apple or an orange instead of cookies.
* Substitute cucumbers and baby carrots for crackers. Dip them hummus for a tasty treat.
* Replace soda with a glass of water or sparkling water. Water helps your body get rid of toxins that put you at risk for diseases like cancer.

2. Schedule your screenings.

Regular cancer screenings help with early detection and prevention of cancer. Screening tests include mammograms for breast cancer, colonoscopies for colorectal cancer, pap smears for cervical and uterine cancer, body checks for skin cancer and more. Talk to your doctor to see what screenings are appropriate for you given your family history, age and lifestyle choices. For more information on cancer screenings, see NFCR’s Cancer Detection Guidelines.

3. Use sunscreen every day (even during the winter months).  

Skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen has been proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer. While people with fair skin may be more likely to develop skin cancer due to sun exposure, people with darker skin tones are at risk as well. Sunscreen protects against sunburn as well as harmful ultraviolet rays that can wreak havoc on your skin on cloudy, overcast or winter days where there is no sunshine. Sunscreen also helps prevent premature aging.

4. Get moving every day.  

Studies conclusively show that exercise helps relieve stress, weight gain and reduces cancer-related risks. It can even help cancer survivors live longer. So, get out there and dance, run, bike or walk. Exercising at a moderate intensity for at least 30 minutes every day has so many benefits.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake.

Although moderate alcohol use has possible health benefits, it’s also not risk-free. Excessive use can cause liver damage, heart problems and even cancer. To reduce your lifetime risk of cancer: On average, men should not consume more than 2 drinks per day and women should not consume more than 3 drinks per week.

6. Quit smoking. 

Smoking harms nearly every organ and organ system in the body. It can also cause 14 different types of cancer. If you are a current or former smoker, your risk of developing lung can be up to 25 times higher than someone who never smoked. Quitting reduces your risk, even if you’ve smoked for years.

7. Travel the world with Fly to Find a Cure.

Fly to Find A Cure
 is an NFCR program aimed at raising funds to accelerate vital cancer research projects with travel incentives. For every dollar donated, you earn airline mileage from your choice of popular airlines programs: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan®, American Airlines AAdvantage®, United MileagePlus® or Delta SkyMiles®. A major portion of your gift is also tax deductible. So make a resolution to travel to a new city or exotic location this year and fight cancer at the same time. To learn more, visit

From all of us at NFCR, we wish you a happy, healthy, safe 2017!



* The first New Year’s celebration dates back 4,000 years.

* Noisemaking and fireworks on New Year’s Eve is believed to have originated in ancient times, when noise and fire were thought to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck.

* It was once believed that the first visitor on New Year’s Day would bring either good luck or bad luck for the rest of the year, depending on who he/she was.

* December 31, 1907 marks the very first ball lowering in Times Square.

Source: MSN


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Get Even MORE Airline Miles Today!

Where will you be frolicking this fall?  Let our airlines miles program help you get there!

What is Fly to Find A Cure?

Fly to Find A Cure is a program of the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) aimed at raising crucial funds to accelerate vital can
cer research projects.  For every dollar donated, you earn airline mileage from your choice of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan®, American Airlines AAdvantage®, United MileagePlus® or Delta SkyMiles®.  A major portion of your gift is tax deductible.  This is also a great way to keep an account active.  Fly to Find A Cure miles can even be given as a gift to family or friends.

What is
Fly to Find A Cure’s Fall Bonus Miles Program?

Now through October 15th, Fly to Find A Cure’s Fall Bonus Miles Program allows you to earn up to 15 miles per dollar (instead of our usual 10) while supporting groundbreaking cancer research.  This provides a win-win opportunity for travelers who care about putting an end to this dreaded disease.

Together We Can Put an End to Cancer

The statistics are staggering: 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. This means that cancer will very likely affect each and every one of us at some point in our lives — whether it is through our own personal diagnosis or through that of someone we love.   The only way to stop cancer is to cure it – through research.

Give a generous gift today to help find a cure for cancer and you’ll be that much closer to taking the trip you’ve dreamed about!

“Cancer is a disease that can be cured…” – Nobel Laureate and National Foundation for Cancer Reserarch Co-Founder Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

american-milesAward Scale: Up to 15 miles per dollar with a donation of $100 or more
Fair Market Value: $0.022575 per mile
Mileage Cap: 1 million miles per account per rolling year

Click here to donate 

united_mileage_plus_3p_4c_r2Award Scale: Up to 13.5 miles per dollar with a donation of $100 or more
Fair Market Value: $0.028 per mile
Mileage Cap: 250,000 miles per account per rolling year

Click here to donate

delta-milesAward Scale: Up to 13 miles per dollar with a donation of $100 or more
Fair Market Value: $0.023650 per mile
Mileage Cap: 200,000 miles per account per calendar year

Click here to donate 

Award Scale: Up to 15 miles per dollar with a donation of $100 or more
Fair Market Value: $0.0241875 per mile
Mileage Cap: 1,000,000 miles per account per calendar year

Click here to donate 

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Welcoming Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

We are pleased to welcome Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan as the newest way to earn with Fly to Find a Cure.  Along with its Global Partners, Alaska Mileage Plan offers its members the ability to earn and redeem miles to over 800 destinations around the world.  With this new earning opportunity, you can help cancer research soar to new heights.

When you donate with Fly to Find A Cure, you receive airline miles in exchange for your support of cutting-edge cancer research funded by the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR).  Here’s how it works:  Make a tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more to NFCR and receive 10 airline miles per dollar towards your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan.

Other NFCR partners include American Airlines AAdvantage, United Airlines MileagePlus® and Delta SkyMiles® .  To learn more about Fly to Find A Cure, visit

Take advantage of this new earning opportunity – Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan plus Fly to Find a Cure – and donate today!  Now you can earn your dream vacation and help fund the scientific breakthroughs that will save lives!

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