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NFCR President Wins International Cooperation Award from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association

NFCR President receives the inaugural award from Society for Neuro-Oncology of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association for her outstanding contribution to international cooperation in March 2017.

From left to right: Wenbin, Li, Tao Jiang, Sujuan Ba, Webster Cavenee


Dr. Jiang Tao, the Chairman of the Society for Neuro-Oncology of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the vice director of the department of neurosurgery at Beijing Tiantan Hospital presented Dr. Ba with the award.

Dr. Wenbin, Li, the general secretary of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the director of glioma program at Beijing Shijitan Hospital, provided remarks at the event. He said, “Congratulations to NFCR President and COO Dr. Sujuan Ba for receiving the inaugural Award for Outstanding Contributions of International Cooperation from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Dr. Ba’s outstanding work has helped to build trust and alliances between the U. S. China, and other countries through diversified platform, ensuring that each country’s unique advantages are brought together to enable highly effective and productive international collaborations.”

The award recognizes Dr. Ba’s efforts leading and facilitating numerous high-impact international collaborative projects over the past two decades, including building a high-quality cancer tissue biorepository in Asia and a recent cross-continent adaptive clinical trial platform, GBM AGILE (which stands for Glioblastoma Multiforme, Adaptive Global Innovative Learning Environment).

Dr. Li also explained how “Dr. Ba has led the creation of the Tissue Bank Consortium in Asia and the Joint Tissue Bank Facility at Tianjin Cancer Hospital and Institute to promote best practices for biorepositories and biobanks and for building international collaboration platforms for tissue-based cancer research. The project has been proclaimed an exemplary international platform for private, public and government partnership for international collaboration in the fields of cancer biomarkers and therapeutic development.”

Dr. Ba currently serves on the executive committee for GBM AGILE and is co-chair of the Patient Focused Research and Advocacy Committee. GBM AGILE – a revolutionary clinical trial design – provides a learning environment that proactively generates new knowledge, identifies promising therapies and quickly moves them to advanced clinical trial phases.

Dr. Li finished his remarks by saying, “Dr. Ba has been instrumental in establishing, expanding and escalating the scale and scope of these and other highly influential international collaborative work. These projects have and will continue to make substantial impact in accelerating translational and clinical cancer research, bringing better prevention methods, improved diagnostic tools and more effective treatment strategies to cancer patients around the world.”

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New Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme Developed by NFCR Scientists

Dr. Web Cavenee and Dr. Paul Fisher Publish Report Titled “Inhibition of radiation-induced glioblastoma invasion by genetic and pharmacological targeting of MDA-9/Syntenin”


NFCR congratulates Dr. Web Cavenee and Dr. Paul B. Fisher on their discovery of a new pharmacological agent to treat glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the deadliest brain cancer, which they have been developing together with NFCR support.

GBM Cavenee and Fisher Report This new pharmacological agent could – with additional chemistry – lead to a new drug to prevent radiation-induced invasion of GBM cells. The researchers have tested their pharmacological agent in combination with radiation with profound survival benefits in pre-clinical models. Click here to read the full report by the scientists.

Paul B. Fisher, M.Ph., Ph.D., Director of the Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM), focuses on cancer genetics and Web Cavenee Ph.D., Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the University of California at San Diego focuses on GBM. An exciting breakthrough for the treatment of GBM, this is about collaboration between two scientists on opposite coasts and shows how NFCR research may lead to tangible therapies for multiple cancers.

NFCR has been funding Dr. Fisher’s research since 2008, and Dr. Cavenee’s research starting in 2002. “NFCR scientists are making headway in the fight against one of the most aggressive form of cancer, GBM, by working together on vital pre-clinical models,” said Franklin C. Salisbury, Jr., NFCR CEO. “For years, discoveries from NFCR-funded research have led to better treatments today – and this latest discovery by two incredibly talented scientists gives us proof there will be improved therapies for GBM and multiple cancers in the foreseeable future.”


About the Scientists

Dr. Paul B. FisherDr. Paul B. Fisher, M.Ph., Ph.D. is the Director of the VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine at the VCU School of Medicine and is a professor and Chair of Human and Molecular Genetics at the VCU School of Medicine. Dr. Fisher’s laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular and biochemical basis of cancer etiology and progression with an emphasis on translating this information to develop improved methods for diagnosing, staging and treating cancer. Read more about Dr. Fisher on NFCR’s scientist page and VCU’s website. Dr. Fisher was the Virginia Outstanding Scientist of the Year in 2014.




Dr. Web CaveneeDr. Web Cavenee, Ph.D., formerly an NFCR-funded research Fellow and Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) at UCSD, is now Chairman of NFCR’s Scientific Advisory Board and Director of Strategic Alliances, Central Nervous System Tumors at LICR UCSD. His pioneering research has led to groundbreaking discoveries that have fundamentally changed our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that drive the growth, migration, and survival of glioblastoma multiforme cells—leading to potential new therapeutic approaches for treating GBM. Dr. Cavenee was recently awarded the 2016 Feldman Founder’s Award for Adult Brain Tumor Research from the National Brain Tumor Society. Read more about Dr. Cavenee and the NFCR’s Scientific Advisory Board.


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