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NFCR President Wins International Cooperation Award from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association

NFCR President receives the inaugural award from Society for Neuro-Oncology of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association for her outstanding contribution to international cooperation in March 2017.

From left to right: Wenbin, Li, Tao Jiang, Sujuan Ba, Webster Cavenee


Dr. Jiang Tao, the Chairman of the Society for Neuro-Oncology of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the vice director of the department of neurosurgery at Beijing Tiantan Hospital presented Dr. Ba with the award.

Dr. Wenbin, Li, the general secretary of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the director of glioma program at Beijing Shijitan Hospital, provided remarks at the event. He said, “Congratulations to NFCR President and COO Dr. Sujuan Ba for receiving the inaugural Award for Outstanding Contributions of International Cooperation from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Dr. Ba’s outstanding work has helped to build trust and alliances between the U. S. China, and other countries through diversified platform, ensuring that each country’s unique advantages are brought together to enable highly effective and productive international collaborations.”

The award recognizes Dr. Ba’s efforts leading and facilitating numerous high-impact international collaborative projects over the past two decades, including building a high-quality cancer tissue biorepository in Asia and a recent cross-continent adaptive clinical trial platform, GBM AGILE (which stands for Glioblastoma Multiforme, Adaptive Global Innovative Learning Environment).

Dr. Li also explained how “Dr. Ba has led the creation of the Tissue Bank Consortium in Asia and the Joint Tissue Bank Facility at Tianjin Cancer Hospital and Institute to promote best practices for biorepositories and biobanks and for building international collaboration platforms for tissue-based cancer research. The project has been proclaimed an exemplary international platform for private, public and government partnership for international collaboration in the fields of cancer biomarkers and therapeutic development.”

Dr. Ba currently serves on the executive committee for GBM AGILE and is co-chair of the Patient Focused Research and Advocacy Committee. GBM AGILE – a revolutionary clinical trial design – provides a learning environment that proactively generates new knowledge, identifies promising therapies and quickly moves them to advanced clinical trial phases.

Dr. Li finished his remarks by saying, “Dr. Ba has been instrumental in establishing, expanding and escalating the scale and scope of these and other highly influential international collaborative work. These projects have and will continue to make substantial impact in accelerating translational and clinical cancer research, bringing better prevention methods, improved diagnostic tools and more effective treatment strategies to cancer patients around the world.”

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National Foundation for Cancer Research and KEW, Inc. announce a collaboration

National Foundation for Cancer Research and KEW, Inc. announce a collaboration to increase awareness of the value of genetic testing.

photo Tuan Ha-Ngoc, KEW & Franklin Salisbury NFCRBig Data comes to Cancer Care Choices.  #Research4aCure

BETHESDA, Maryland (June 8, 2016)  – The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and Kew, Inc, a private oncology services company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts , announced today they will jointly work to increase the awareness of the clinical benefits of genetic testing to cancer patients and oncologists.  Precision medicine moves information faster to where the patient decisions are made, thereby potentially improving options, quality of care and potential outcomes as well.

The genetic testing technology, including Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) on comprehensive and specific gene panels, is able to identify patient-specific drug targets and cancer-driving molecular pathways. Guided by the genetic testing results, oncologists can prescribe personalized and targeted cancer therapies to their patients.

With numerous new drugs that target specific cancer mutations in clinical trials, the ability to share information widely becomes an increasingly burdensome task. NFCR and KEW are teaming up to launch programs that aim to increase the awareness of the value of genetic testing, educate patients, family members and oncologists about the clinical benefits of testing and guide them through the seemingly complex clinical process in a much easier manner.

Raju Kucherlapati, MD, Paul C. Cabot Professor of Genetics and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and co-founder of KEW, spoke of the goal of “helping doctors everywhere, treat cancer patients anywhere.” “We are dedicated to empowering oncologists to make the right therapy decision for patients by providing actionable, patient-specific information derived from our genetic testing”, said Dr. Kucherlapati.

“KEW’s genetic testing technology and capability in bioinformatics will help to integrate data accumulated from various research and clinical sources into treatment options and cancer care choices, which is highly beneficial to cancer patients and in keeping with NFCR’s long valued efforts in sharing information among scientists, physicians and patients,” said NFCR Chief Science Officer, Michael Wang, MD, PhD.

Public outreach and education is one of the core missions of NFCR’s programs. For more than 43 years, NFCR has been supporting cancer research laboratories and then sharing results with oncologists, patients, and general public worldwide. Many of the NFCR-funded scientists have contributed to developing the foundation of today’s personalized targeted therapies and precision medicine.

NFCR welcomes KEW’s support of the education and communication facet of its mission. Together both organizations can help raise awareness of new options in cancer treatment.

NFCR is a convener and one of the early funders of applying genetic testing technology, including Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) to clinical applications to guide personalized treatment for patients. With today’s internet speed of access, NFCR is taking fast actions to promote collaboration and information-sharing. NFCR is dedicated to supporting “high risk/high reward” cancer research and public education relating to prevention, early diagnosis, better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for all types of cancer.

For more information:; 301-654-1250

KEW, Inc. provides comprehensive genomic testing services that enable oncologists to make evidence-driven personalized treatment decisions for cancer patients. Based out of Cambridge, MA, KEW was founded by pioneers of the precision medicine industry, including key contributors to the Human Genome and The Cancer Genome Atlas projects. The CANCERPLEX® suite of products offers flexible panel sizes, the largest of which sequences 400+ cancer genes in solid tumors that are the most relevant to oncology patient care. Specialized panels offer the option to test based on the site of a patient’s tumor or to limit results to FDA-approved therapies. CANCERPLEX not only makes personalized medicine more accessible, it delivers the promise of precision medicine for all.

For more information:; 617-229-5954

KEW, Inc.
Mark D. Myslinski
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