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It’s never too soon to think about the Combined Federal Campaign CFC annual fall drive. If you’d like to volunteer to help us spread the word contact Elaine here or call 301-654-1250

Our 5 digit code is 11267     Our EIN is 04-253 1031

The National Foundation for Cancer Research has been a long standing active charity on the CFC.  We work diligently to insure that seed funding reaches promising, incredibly hard working cancer research scientists. And, If you are a federal employee of  Asian American descent, or have friends who are, please refer them to a presentation by Dr. Sujuan Ba and check out for yourself, NFCR’s cancer prevention tips within her slideshow presentation. These cancer prevention tips are universal in value.

Donations via CFC help. We have a Science Advisory Board (SAB) that insures the most promising work gets funding. We track and highlight their results in our annual report and news updates. This SAB is also responsible for the coveted annual award of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research

Here’s last year’s snapshot of our page on your CFC Charity Finder Page:

NFCR approved CFC listing

As a leading charity driving donations to #Research4aCure NFCR knows how painstakingly difficult this work is.

We are so proud that the CFC has been allowing Federal employees to direct funds to cancer research charities since our earliest days. Your parents donations are what delivered the breakthroughs that you hear about today. These terms you see in the news, like moonshot, precision medicine and genome (gene) sequencing start in laboratories like the ones we fund. The money you donate today can see results that will help your children and grandchildren in the future.

Speaking of kids, NFCR has a signature program called Play4TheCure  This is a program that promotes teamwork and youth sports to raise funds for research. Parents and kids can organize their team to dedicate a single game or a whole season to raising awareness and funds for Research. The kids can only do so much – so give us a call if you’d like to organize a game for your group.

We also have specific designation programs you might want to consider in or outside of the CFC:

Honor and Remember                  Donate a no longer needed car

Thank you for your consideration and support.