National Foundation for Cancer Research

Job Description

Position Title: Grant Writer   

Reports To: Senior Director of Development  

Direct Reports: None

Date: November 25, 2017


Overall Objective:        The overall purpose of the position

The Grant Writer is a member of the fundraising team who is responsible for becoming familiar with the Foundation’s programs, goals and financial needs, performing research into potential funding sources, and writing grant proposals.  The Grant Writer is responsible for timely submission of proposals and efficient follow-up to maximize probability of grant awards.  Working with others staff, the Grant Writer may also assist with fundraising campaigns and promoting the Foundation through public relations work.

Duties:             Key functions and responsibilities; what is done is more important than how

  • Conducts a full range of activities required to prepare, submit and manage grant proposals; researches and performs data collection to identify potential grant opportunities; works with the fundraising team to collaborate on fundable projects.
  • Makes recommendations on strategies, policies, and procedures related to grant proposals.
  • Prepares grant proposals for the foundation in draft and final form that make compelling the need for financial support to address identified Foundation funding priorities.
  • Provides research for grant proposals and reporting, including data collection and surveys of literature from a variety of sources.
  • Maintains a Foundation-wise grants deadline calendar, and meets deadlines for submissions.
  • Works with finance to gather information necessary to prepare interim and final project reports to funding sources on a regular and scheduled basis working with other departments to assure accurate and timely reporting.       
  • Maintains an accurate database of records of current and prospective grant opportunities, as well as current grant awards.  
  • Communicates regularly with leadership on the status of pending grant proposals
  • Represents the Foundation at meetings and events externally.
  • Ensures that all grant activities comply with local, state, and federal regulations and laws governing non-profit business operations, and that grant reporting is timely.

Accountability:             Level of position authority and scope of role

Serves as a member of the fundraising team responsible for research, writing and submitting successful grant proposals to secure funding streams for the Foundation.  An internally and externally facing individual contributor role.  Carries out responsibilities in accordance with Foundation policies and applicable laws.

Skills/Competencies:     Knowledge, Skills & Abilities; Education/Experience needed for success

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Writing: Excellent command of the English language.  Outstanding grammar and written communications skills.  Demonstrated ability to concisely and efficiently write cogent, persuasive grant proposals for formal submissions.  Knowledge of legal requirements for grant fundraising.    
  • Research/Time management/Organizational skills: Masterful research skill a fast-paced profession. Ability to quickly conduct and organize research.  Ability to understand the needs of the Foundation and the organization that is offering grant money.  Skill in working on multiple projects at a time under tight deadlines and in project management overall.  Excellent attention to detail and efficient time manager who understands and can execute on complex instructions.   Ability to remain current at all times regarding grant funder policies and submission processes.  Outstanding computer skills. 
  • Interpersonal skills: Energetic, enthusiastic, rapport-building people person with skill in developing a diversified network of funding organizations and funding streams.  Ability to work independently, and on a team, and successfully meet goals and objectives.  Ability to maintain confidentiality.  Demonstrates genuine caring for cancer victims and motivated to find a cure.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, Journalism, Writing or similar field.
  • Three or more years of professional writing experience, preferably in grant writing for a non-profit organization or in an academic setting.
  • Certification from the American Grant Writers’ Association or the Grant Professionals Association is preferred.
  • An equivalent combination of training and experience will be considered.

Work Environment:      Intermittent or consistent requirements of a physical or unusual nature

Physical demands are representative of those expected of an individual contributor in a non-profit organization.  Time commitments outside of regular office hours may be frequent. 

How to Apply:
NFCR offers a competitive salary, commensurate with experience, and a generous benefits package. Please send us a cover letter and resume to