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NFCR Writer Sarah Hodges

Shame & Cancer

Upon diagnosis, many cancer patients naturally evaluate how their lifestyles could have contributed to their fate. They may believe their cancer was self-inflicted and experience a deep sense of shame, saying to themselves phrases such as: “Why couldn’t I stop smoking? What’s wrong with me?” “I should have eaten healthier.…...

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Obesity & Chemotherapy

The effectiveness of certain chemotherapy drugs may be reduced by fat cells. This groundbreaking recent discovery was made according to a recent study published in November 2017 in Molecular Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.  Obesity has long been associated with a higher risk of…...

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PUFAs & Cancer

In the last century, the American diet has seen a dramatic rise in the intake of PUFAs, or polyunsaturated fats.  When we weaned ourselves off of saturated fats from animal sources, we replaced our cooking oils with an assortment of PUFAs from vegetable oils, soybean oils, and seed oils such…...

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Circadian Rhythms & Cancer

Twice a year, as we turn our clocks backward or forward to adjust for daylight savings time, we see headlines everywhere about the implications of the time change on our biological clocks. This year, however, our biological clock got extra attention due to the recent announcement of the 2017 Nobel…...

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