Patrick Volk, Author at NFCR

Patrick Volk

Charitable Giving and Tax Benefits

The 2018 tax changes introduced some confusion with respect to the tax advantages of charitable donations. With the caps on State and Local tax deductions coupled with a virtual doubling of the standard deductions, many folks who have previously itemized deductions are now taking the higher standard deduction. What does…...

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Estate Planning to Leave a Legacy

Often, when I speak of leaving a legacy to NFCR, many donors sigh and talk about the difficulty of sitting with an attorney and revising their will or setting up a trust. Not to mention the family dynamics and costs associated with creating or updating estate planning documents. I understand…...

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Giving for Good—Donating IRA, Stock & Other Financial Assets

There are many creative ways to generously support the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) while too accounting for what’s best for your family. Your gift can take multiple forms and can help you address your personal financial goals. Let’s, in simple English, dive a bit into some of these…...

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