Prevention and Detection

One of the most important keys to good health is good information 
Dr. Danny Welch, NFCR Center Director, The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Today, more than ever, people are doing a great deal of research on their own to help prevent or beat cancer. In this section, you can find many useful resources on cancer prevention and detection.  While we attempt to provide you with the most complete and accurate information, always consult your physician on what is the best practice for you or your loved one.

Prevention and Detection Kits

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Kit


Breast Cancer Prevention and Detection Kit

Childhood Cancer Detection Chart


Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Detection Kit


Lung Cancer Prevention and Detection Kit

Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection Kit


"Healthy Grilling" BBQ Recipe Book


"To Your Health" Cookbook


NFCR On Your Health Series


Cancer-Fighting Foods and Recipes

Cancer Awareness Colors Cancer Awareness Calendar