What is GBM AGILE?

Glioblastoma Multiforme (also known as GBM) is the deadliest brain cancer and is widely regarded as incurable and universally fatal, killing 95% of patients within five years of diagnosis. NFCR is part of a robust, international coalition working on innovative ways to research the disease.

Led by the best and brightest cancer researchers, GBM AGILE is a revolutionary global collaboration to test and develop new brain cancer treatments. Its personalized approach will allow us to accelerate the discovery of targeted treatments for individual patients.

This global coalition has attracted over 150 participants from more than 40 leading cancer institutions across three continents. It implements a new generation of clinical trials – called “adaptive trials” – which allow patients to be enrolled more quickly, receive treatment(s) based on each patient’s individualized response and does not require years of follow-up to determine whether a new experimental treatment is beneficial. By allowing for multiple new drug combinations and treatments to be used while removing ineffective drugs quickly, this revolutionary approach accelerates research for curing the aggressive form of cancer GBM and will serve as a new clinical research model for combating other cancers as well.

NFCR Research Highlights

As a founding member of GBM AGILE, NFCR has continued to take a leading role in this unprecedented global effort.

NFCR’s President, Dr. Sujuan Ba, is a member of the GBM AGILE Executive Committee and is co-chair of its Patient Focused Research and Advocacy Committee. NFCR has also recruited three scientists for the program: NFCR Scientific Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Webster Cavenee, Paul S. Mischel of the Ludwig Cancer Institute and NFCR Fellow Dr. W.K. Alfred Yung of MD Anderson Cancer Center.