Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Research Fund

What is anaplastic thyroid cancer?

Anaplastic thyroid cancer is a rare and aggressive form of cancer. It cannot be cured by surgery, and of all other treatment options, only radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy can provide any significant benefit. Most people do not survive longer than 6 months due to the aggressive nature of this disease and lack of effective treatment options. Because this disease makes up less than 1% of all thyroid cancers, there is very little research funding for it.

What is the Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Research Fund?

In July 2010, the National Foundation for Cancer Research was contacted by Dennis Ferguson. Dennis was diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid cancer in January 2010 and has been participating in a clinical trial at the University of Chicago, the only treatment option currently available to him, since February. While researching possible treatment plans, Ferguson learned that there is currently no clinical research being done on anaplastic thyroid cancer, prompting him to contact the National Foundation for Cancer Research and raise the seed money himself.

In just a few short weeks, Dennis raised over $14,000. He has now raised over $40,000! If we can raise $50,000, the National Foundation for Cancer Research will start a research project for anaplastic thyroid cancer. The project will be led by top researchers in the field. Research takes time, and while the money Dennis raises may not necessarily benefit him, it will help those with anaplastic thyroid cancer in the future, and help to accelerate the day when we find a cure.

About Dennis:

Dennis has lived with his wife and family in Barrington for over 40 years. He taught at Hoffman Estates High School, where he was Chairman of the Driver Education Department for 30 years, and also coached football, basketball, cross country and gymnastics. He was also a member of the Illinois State High School Drivers Education Association for 30 years. Dennis was, and is, active in the community, having coached Little League baseball, soccer and football at the Barrington Park District. He is also long-standing member of the Barrington Lyons Club. He received a BS and MS degree in Education at Eastern Illinois University, and earned his administrative certificate at Northern Illinois.

A Message from Dennis:

To my friends,

This January 2010 I was diagnosed with this extremely rare form of cancer. It is fast-growing and aggressive. There is no cure at the moment and NO research being done currently to find a cure.

I am in contact with the National Foundation for Cancer Research in Bethesda, Maryland. With your help, if we can raise $50,000, they will assign a researcher to begin to find a cure for this dreadful cancer. Obviously, for me and others like me, time is of the essence.

Thank you for your pledge!

To contribute to the Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Research Fund, simply fill out the form below or call 1-800-321-CURE (2873) or email Every bit helps!